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Revolta is now onboard the Sandstream train. Welcome!

Revolta was formed in February 2011 as The Dark, by then-vocalist Niklas Sjöberg and guitarist Peter Autio. Due to geographic circumstances Niklas quit the band that was converted into Revolta and Peter took the mike. Revolta In other words, a fairly newly established group, but all members have extensive experience playing heavy rock in various configurations. Those who have had the privilege to experience Revolta on stage know that these really are not saved any punches! Uninhibited, sexy and heavy rock riffs with sweat sprays, and sometimes a little blood too.

The music can be described as heavy riff rock with elements of stoner.

Peter Autio: Vocals, solo guitar
Mikael Österman: rythm guitar
Jonas Stensvik: Bass
Johan Nordgren: Drums

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