Managing is a serious matter to us, and we have also included Business Intelligence – everything for your convenience.


As a Booking Agency we create promotion packages customized after the actual needs. Playing live in front of an audience is what usually keeps a band going. But to get there can sometimes be a struggle. This is where we come in – we let you as a band focus on what you do best – create and perform music. While we take care of the business. We help you to build up a loyal fan base, get media attention and attract record label interest. Everything apart from the creativity you need to focus on your passion – music! Meanwhile your passion is flowing we help you with the maintenance of your fan base and with the promotion of upcoming releases.

Managing the Co-op Way

Compared to other traditional managing companies is our strength that we actually create the contracts along with our clients. It is customary in many different business, but not yet so well-developed in the music industry. So now it is time for us to make it happen there as well. Contracts that are suitable for both parts – both artists and labels.
Consider us as the silent member of your band, but instead of making music – we make time and opportunities for you to spread your art.