Kristianstad, Sweden.

“As powerful as fragile, Unsolved’s songwriting reflects many broken dreams and hopes. The band from Kristianstad, Sweden is now finalizing the tracks to be featured on the upcoming album ‘Tabula Rasa’, spawning from dark and sorrowful heavy ballads to storming yet melodic hard stompers”

“UNSOLVED is the outcome of many broken dreams and hopes. That is reflected in our music and lyrics, which both are therapeutic creative outlets for us all. Our music can be described as both powerfull and fragile. We don’t want to limit ourselves in the creative sides of music, we play what we feel is right. The music is written collectively and everyone´s opinion is concidered, that’s probably what makes us sound a bit different from other bands. Unsolved is about no limitations, no genres and no set framework; a new song is a blank canvas that we paint with five individual thoughts and ideas collectively handcrafted into one unique song. Tabula rasa!
As a collective whole we do better than the sum of each individual band-member, the music gets a different dimension when five seperate ideas are molded into one. We really do hope that you see and hear this in our music because that’s what we feel in our hearts.”



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