Ferdy Doernberg


The english/german slide-guitar/keyboards-player and singer/songwriter FERDY DOERNBERG was born in 1967 as the son of the british composer and violin-player MARTIN DOERNBERG and the german teacher and writer Dr. GESINE DOERNBERG. As he was 3 years old, his parents moved to Barsinghausen/Germany but he spend some time in England, too. As he was 6 years old he started with piano lessons. At the age of 12 he also started playing guitar and trumpet. After playing in several school and local bands he became the lead guitar player of the locally sucessfull punkrock-band “THE WABBLES” with whom he played his first over-regional gigs and did his first recordings for a vinyl-single. Also he played trumpet and piano in a local jazz-ensemble for years.
His first professionally orientated band, ROUGH SILK, was founded in 1989.
Through the years Ferdy found an own style of playing. As a keyboard-player his favourite instrument is the Hammond organ, the piano and vintage keyboards like the Wurlitzer-piano, accordion and the monophonic moog-synthesizer.
As a guitar-player Doernberg fell in love with the slide-guitar and all her relatives like lap and pedal steel, Dobro and the hawaiian guitar.

Until the present day ROUGH SILK have recorded 8 albums ( the last one, “A new beginning” , was released in April 2009 !), and toured a lot ( as headliner and supporting for example HELLOWEEN, DEEP PURPLE, SAVATAGE, SAXON, ACCEPT, WHITESNAKE and DIO ) all over Europe. Since 2007 Doernberg is also the lead-vocalist of the band. Doernberg also works a lot as a studio musician ( keyboards and slide-guitars ) and has played on more than 150 albums by MATT “GONZO” ROEHR (BÖHSE ONKELZ), HOLY MOSES, GARY BARDEN, JOHN WESLEY HARDING, MATT ROEHR, ROLAND GRAPOW ( HELLOWEEN ), DESTRUCTION, FREEDOM CALL, METALIUM, TOM ANGELRIPPER ( SODOM ), HOWARD CARPENDALE, CRIMSON GLORY, CHRIS CAFFERY ( SAVATAGE ), EDEN´s CURSE, TARAXACUM, POWERGOD, SWEET, JANE, SEVEN WITCHES, SARGANT FURY, MASTERPLAN, THE TRACEELORDS and many others.

Official: www.ferdydoernberg.de

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