About us

Sandstream Managment is a Swedish based music management company with focus on all aspects of the music industry. From business management to booking shows, producing music videos, building websites, art design, marketing, merchandise and so much more. We have many years of experience in business management, and also a broad network with contacts in almost all segments of the music industry.

We bring business management to the music industry.

The idea of the company was born several years ago. Although, it wasn’t until 2011 that we decided to put our passion into it on professional terms. Right from the start, we brought in Magnus Carlsson with his expertise and years of business experience, as a senior partner. Today we also have a lot of other extraordinary people working with us to help artists reach their goals.

The Sandstream / artist / partner relationship is viewed as one between friends, rather than contractual. Our main purpose is to create comfort and to find a win-win-win situation for all involved parties, no matter what it takes.

- William Håkansson, CEO & Marko Koivuranta, Senior Partner – Sandstream Management